Certain retail products have become so common that it’s as if they’ve been packaged and displayed in every way possible. Yet the 126 year old commercial giant Coca-Cola still finds ways to refresh its image and get people talking about Coke as if it was the latest trend. And Coca-Cola does this very often with sleeves, the popular heat-shrink labels.

A versatile label which is one of its kind, the sleeve modifies the look of the product during a promotion or a special event without necessarily modifying the design of the container and, most importantly, without having to rethink the whole production line. But when Coca-Cola is your name, you can even change the shape of the bottle during the holidays. And I can tell you by experience that the small round bottles really make an impression. A client had entrusted us with a similar mandate, and the packaging was a success before the product left the warehouse. Every employee rushed to see how well it turned out!

Little Santa…

The successful company is constantly looking for new ways to design a vintage bottle reminding clients (and collectors!) of their youth. It has even gone so far as to salute the heritage of other companies. Thus, the London chain Selfridges, in Great Britain, was offered by Coca-Cola, for its 100th anniversary, a bottle of diet Coke that mirrored the company’s image. A lightning-speed transformation facilitated by the sleeve label.

Promoting heritage

Like a marketing assault tank, Coca-Cola enjoys celebrating the fashion industry in collaboration with famous designers or by associating with successful television shows, namely Sex and the City and Ugly Betty. Yet again, the sleeve is dressing the bottle and giving it a look worthy of the biggest names in fashion design.

Lights! Camera! Action!

If the previous bottles address mainly women, Coca-Cola has not forgotten the male sex and has adapted its bottles to sporting events all over the world. This was in fact the theme chosen by the client referred to earlier who had imagined a round shape as ideal for a baseball.

Get ready, get set…..!

To conclude, how could anyone pass up these superb bottles that Coca-Cola has created for special occasions? These collector items may sell for hundreds of dollars, even more. And to think it all started from a method that is as accessible as it is affordable: the heat-shrink sleeve label.

I was made for lovin’ you…

The best part of attempting the sleeve label adventure is that your budget doesn’t have to be large enough to hire highly reputed fashion designers or to celebrate the glory of other celebrities or worldwide events. In fact, the sleeve plays on the flexibility on all levels: I’d bet that the sleeve would go with your budget as well as the container that it will package. Better yet, I can give you proof if you’d like. Contact me!