Trade shows, exhibitions and other professional conferences are always a challenge for the organisers of the event, but also for exhibitors like IMS. These activities require appropriate planning but also a good deal of energy. In short, it’s a demanding and rewarding undertaking, just like the one we experienced a few days ago in Québec City.

The Québec Industrial Trade Show took place on October 2nd-4th. During these three days IMS presented its company, its products, met with clients and prospects, all while taking in what was happening in the other booths and in the industry in general. Our representatives enthusiastically dove in and returned with many stories…and business cards! The idea of acquiring new clients and forming partnerships is always so exciting for us.

Back in the office, the work doesn’t stop. The Trade Show’s over but things still need to be done. First, a report of the event, commonly known as a debriefing where our reps reflect on each day of the event, note the visitors’ comments, which products were the most popular and the location of the booth, must be written so as to bring continuous improvements to our presentations.

Then it’s already time to pick up and prepare for the next event! PackEx Montréal is a large-scale event for professionals from the packaging industry and other related industries. Stay tuned for more news to come.