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What I saw

A few months ago, Jean-Pierre Lauzier, an expert in customer-oriented sales strategies, published an article on the website about the customer-oriented approach (available in French only). Probably because of my professional background based mainly on customer service and sales, this article caught my attention and, as I recently joined a team of bloggers, I thought it was a great opportunity to share it with you.

What caught my attention

At first glance, I thought I was reading a traditional article on a particular topic that interests me and thought I would, at the most, be able to get some advice, but I was mistaken. First of all, the author, who addresses the reader directly on a very “in your face” tone, does not beat around the bush. His message is clear: Your success is proportional to your contribution to the level of happiness of your client.

The points that he addresses are very relevant. Throughout the article and in the three paths of improvement that he suggests, he insists on the importance of setting aside one’s ego in order to provide excellent customer service, something which he says doesn’t come naturally to humans.



What it means for the industry

Projects of product identification companies, including IMS, are full of details and specifications that need to be followed very closely. In my opinion, the best way to offer impeccable customer service is to put the customer first. To do this, it’s important to concentrate on the needs of the person in front of you. This is a major challenge. This is why you as a customer should intervene if the person you are doing business with speaks too much or doesn’t ask enough questions.

And if we listen to Jean-Pierre Lauzier, sales growth will have a direct impact on a TRULY customer-oriented approach.