Ski tickets (or, as they are often called, lift tickets) are part of the orders we really enjoy at IMS. Of course, some of the content comes from the visual aspect, because the tickets are often very colourful, but the fun comes mainly from the experience we have in this type of mandate. With a good method and a good organization, we get to meet our customers’ needs every time!

If you are an occasional downhill skier, you’re probably already familiar with the ski ticket sticker that you have to fold onto a metal wire that you attach to the zipper of your ski jacket. Once on the slopes, it doesn’t matter where the ticket comes from. And yet it takes people like IMS to design all these beautiful tickets.

From the printer to the ski-lift

For you, a ticket is a simple administrative procedure, but before getting hooked to your ski jacket, the ticket has undergone several stages. Before they accompany you downhill, a few things had to be done:

  • Design the appearance of the tickets. Some customers provide their own model, while others use our standard template on which we print their logo or some header as well as the standard regulations of the association.
  • Choose the fastener type and material of the ticket. A self-adhesive label wrapped over a hook can be made of paper (cheaper, but more fragile) or vinyl (more expensive but more durable). The customer can also opt for a label without adhesive, made of polypropylene. A hole is made in the label to insert a clip or a tie wrap.
  • Decide on the last details. The customer can choose the colour of the tickets and the quantity to be printed. Some will want us to print serial numbers on them or other generic information.

Once this step is completed, IMS can begin printing the tickets. The variable information will be printed by ski resorts. The best printers for this task are the Zebra Technologies S4M, the Datamax-O’Neil M-4206 from series M-Class Mark II and the TEC-Toshiba B-EX4T. Smaller stations that require lower volume printing might prefer a more compact model like the Zebra GK 420d.

Once properly equipped, stations only have to place their order with us and we send them their pre-printed tickets in whole or in predetermined quantities throughout the season, along with the consumable supplies they might need like thermal transfer ribbons.

A complete solution, all in one place. That’s why we like our job so much. Now go and enjoy the rest of the season!