The manufacturer TEC Toshiba has introduced to the market an 800-meter thermal ribbon, which is 200 meters longer than the standard format. This product will have a positive impact on your company as well as on the environment. IMS, an environmentally-conscious company, is delighted to add this ribbon to its current product line so that you may benefit from it.

The disposable age

Sustainable development is at the heart of today’s discussions. We are all aware of the society of consumption in which we live as well as its impact on the planet, and yet – and that’s the irony – we have never offered so many disposable products (and amounts of packaging) to consumers. Electronics are no exception in terms of waste. Fortunately, some manufacturers innovate with regards to the development of green solutions.

800-meter thermal transfer ribbons: an innovation from TEC Toshiba

Action RE-buts,a citizen organization based in Montreal, stated that the best waste is that which is not produced. Of course IMS is conscious that it isn’t really possible to produce zero waste when printing labels via a thermal transfer printer, but every action counts. Thus, this supplier of thermal printers developed a solution in the form of an alternative consumable.

It’s now possible to choose an 800-meter long thermal transfer ribbon, which produces less waste, for TEC Toshiba’s B-EX4, B-SX4 and B-SX5 printers. With its 33% additional length, this new ribbon produces 20% less carbon dioxide. Moreover, because the ribbon will last longer, you can order less often, thereby reducing fuel consumption associated with the delivery.

In addition, the ribbon’s extra length offers many other advantages for your company. For example, the reduction of printing halts when changing the ribbon will increase your productivity. You will also save money with regards to storage and transportation costs. Contact one of our representatives for more information.

From now on, I’ll be on the lookout for the latest green solutions proposed by manufacturers of thermal printers included in IMS’s line of products. If you’ve developed green solutions regarding the use of label printers, barcode scanners or terminals, please share them with me. I look forward to reading your comments and maybe one day discussing them in one of my articles.