Spring is officially here (even if the snow is also officially here!) and spring means renewal. In the spring we renovate, clean, redecorate. You may be wondering what I’m getting at and, most of all, what this has to do with IMS? Well I was imagining what the house of a barcode addict might look like. You’ll see that the small black bars have inspired more than one designer of home decoration objects. Here is the world of a barcode addict.

The barcode addict welcomes you with the appropriate doormat. No visitor is welcome before he wipes his feet on this mat.

Source: www.toxel.com


Once inside, you can leave your coat at the door and other belongings on the side table.

Sources: www.uncadeau.com (left), www.priceminister.com (right)


The living room

Before inviting you to eat, the barcode addict will show you his living room. Curtains, cushions, coffee table, bookshelf, carpet…Motorola, Intermec, Psion and all other suppliers of data capture equipment will definitely come to mind.

Sources: www.cdiscount.com (upper left), www.coggles.com (upper right), www.declikdeco.com (bottom right), www.strikaholic.com (bottom left)


The barcode addict will prepare the meal himself, and if by accident a fire was to start in the kitchen, he would quickly put it out with one of his fire extinguishers (crazy, isn’t it?).

Source: http://2modern.blogs.com


Once the meal is ready, the barcode addict will assign you a seat at the dinner table (obviously covered with a barcode printed tablecloth) placed under every barcode addict’s favourite chandelier.

Sources: www.cdiscount.com (left), http://2modern.blogs.com (right)


If you want to help him set the table, you’ll find the silverware in the top drawer.

Source: www.alittlemarket.com


At the end of the meal when nature calls, you’ll understand once you enter the bathroom that the barcode addict…is really an addict! You’ll wash your hands while admiring the shower curtain and dry your hands with a barcode printed hand towel that will be hanging from a matching towel bar.

Sources: http://mydeco.com (top), www.declikdeco.com (bottom right), www.globaltextiles.com (bottom left)


For dessert, the barcode addict will serve you a good cup of coffee in his finest porcelain service.

Source: www.porcelainedelourdes.com


When you leave, the barcode addict will clean up and prepare his lunch for the next day by putting the remaining food in a sealed container.

Source: www.ctendance.fr


On your way home (finally!), you’ll pray never to see another barcode for the rest of your life! But as barcodes are necessary in today’s world, your prayers will remain unanswered!