The environment has become a growing preoccupation for society. Citizens and companies alike have taken steps toward raising awareness and educating people about how to intelligently and efficiently use natural resources. This movement’s influence is even felt in the junk food industry. But how, you ask?

The Dogwood Alliance, an environmental organization, published a report entitled Greening Fast Food Packaging: A Roadmap to Best Practices where it identified eight indicators for assessing sustainable consumption and packaging in the junk food industry. Increasing the use of recycled fibres and reducing carbon footprints were some of the major indicators mentioned in the report. Basically, everyone should participate in this common effort. Concerning packaging, several green solutions were promoted besides the reduction of the quantity of packaging which, let’s admit, is often exaggerated.


IMS is always up to date on the latest environmental trends so as to find ways to collaborate with the movement. We offer labels with polylactic acid (for sleeves), made entirely of plant material. We also actively participate in the GoZebra program which consists in collecting old printers for recycling in exchange for a discount on a new printer.

Of course, adjustments must be made continually, not only as corporate citizens but also as individual citizens. If you’re interested in this topic, leave us your comments or contact one of our packaging or labelling experts so we can discuss our environmental commitments.