The printing solutions provider, Datamax-O’Neil, has responded to urgent requests from many companies by offering a mobile solution for the users of the E-Class Mark III printers. The mobile power unit MPU-4000 will finally allow you to move around freely with your thermal transfer printer. A perfect compromise between the fixed printer and the small portable printer!

Datamax-O’Neil manufactured its mobile power unit so that it can be perfectly inserted under the printer. It can be used with the “Basic,” “Advanced” and “Professional” models of the E-Class Mark III series.

This power unit is no less than a very powerful rechargeable battery. The MPU-4000, which uses lithium polymer technology, can print up to 4000 4”x6” shipping labels without needing to be recharged.

Datamax-O'Neil's MPU-4000 mobile printing unit fits perfectly under the printer where it connects.

Finally an alternative to the direct mobile thermal printer!

Up to now, mobile printing mainly targeted companies that needed more short-lived labels, since the majority of mobile printers are direct thermal. For example, they’re perfect for printing cash receipts, shipping labels or nametags, but they’re not available in many compatible formats and they can’t be printed on resistant material like vinyl or polyester. The mobile power unit now allows for mobile printing with a thermal transfer printer, on a cart or even in a vehicle.

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