Every time we publish a new issue of the Sticky Note, IMS’s newsletter, I’m always surprised by the quality of its content. In fact, I shouldn’t be so surprised, since this is a choice that we made when we decided to do the newsletter. It was important for us that it be rich in both informative and educational content.

On one hand, we didn’t want to do a publication that would look too much like advertising that people lose interest in quickly. On the other hand, we didn’t want to provide the same content to our readers, again and again. The newsletter shouldn’t be a reading suggestion or serve as a catalog, and the publication rate should be reasonable.

Three publications per year: 100% original content

At a time when we are regularly bombarded by all types of content, the newsletter has a more difficult role. It needs to be written and designed well so as to provide added value for those who read it. That’s why The Sticky Note has information on new products and promotions in progress, as well as practical, informative articles.

Here are a few of the objectives that we try to respect:

  • Present our products from a user’s viewpoint. A product isn’t just a list of characteristics. Using a product is also part of the customer experience.
  • Provide advice concerning the use and maintenance of equipment. Buying a product at IMS is only the beginning of a business relationship. Service comes next, and the newsletter is part of this.
  • Suggest value-added solutions. Several of our products integrate perfectly to the supply chain, assembly line or may be adapted to your needs.
  • Keep track of the trends in related industries. Developments in packaging, design, environment, etc., though they don’t concern us directly, do concern most of our clients.

I could keep bragging to you about how great our newsletter is, but the best way to understand is to read it yourself. On that (sticky) note, our next issue will come out at the end of May. You can subscribe by filling out a form on our homepage. Enjoy!