I am proud to announce that at IMS we’ve designed a buying guide for our label printers that you can now download from our website. Choosing the label printer that best suits your needs can be a difficult process, especially if this is your first purchase or if this is not your area of expertise. There are many different models and at first glance they may all seem to “do the same thing.” This isn’t false. Actually, the foundation is the same: they’re all designed to print labels. But how they go about doing so varies greatly from one model to the next.


Through our various market studies or through talk from our partners, it seemed obvious to IMS that the increase in business needs concerning label printing required clear and adapted solutions. Today, our partners’ printing needs have never been so numerous and diverse: compliance, orders, inventory, distribution, archives, invoicing, shipping, medical identification, asset tracking, advertising, private label…and the list goes on!

IMS’s mission has always been to satisfy the constantly changing industry needs. Case in point when This is the meticulously chose the best models of the most popular label printer brands, such as Zebra, Toshiba TEC, SATO and Datamax-O’Neil, or even Colordyne, VIP Color and SwiftColor.

To clarify and better guide our partners, IMS has brought to you a tool that links its customers’ needs to its adapted printing solutions. At the end of the day I always thought that a specific need should correspond to THE adapted solution. With the Buying Guide, consider it done.


The Label Printer Buying Guide is accessible online and can be downloaded in PDF format.

A simple and user-friendly table of contents:

The table of contents mentions the manufacturers of the printers, which are classed according to the printer type: thermal or inkjet colour printer.

All the links are clickable. You can go directly to the manufacturer’s page or to the colour printer category in just one click.

Quantitative and qualitative information:

1. An image of the model.

2. The brand, a sign of quality.

3. The print mode. Direct thermal or thermal transfer, for barcode printers or colour inkjet printers.

4. A general description to give a general idea of each product.

5. Practices and recommendations, classed by application or industry.

6. The resolution. The higher the resolution, the more accurate the printing.

7. The max print speed. This is important for high printing volumes, for example.

8. The max print width, which depends directly on the label width.

9. Media types. These can be labels, ribbons or ink cartridges, depending on whether the printer is thermal or inkjet.

10. A link for ordering is located directly on the text “Click here.”

11. A brochure for each printer, accessible in just one click in PDF format in the section “Additional notes.”

Our attentive team of experts

IMS hopes this guide will be useful in your search, but don’t forget that our team of experts is available to respond to all your questions and to provide you with additional information about label printers.