What annoys you the most when you call a large company? Whether you’re calling for information about your account, to place an order or to modify an existing order, no one likes cold and impersonal voice messages. “Press 1.” “Please enter your 12-digit account number.” “To speak with the receptionist, please dial 0.” But of course we all want to speak to a human being! The human touch is the foundation of all good customer relationships.

The human touch, right from the start

The subject of my blog posts is often customer service and the different ways to offer clients an exceptional experience. This is no accident: clients are at the centre of my preoccupations, which is reflected in the philosophy of IMS. You’ll see for yourself when you contact us for the first time, meaning when you call us. When you call IMS, unless it’s not during office hours, someone will answer the phone. You’ll get a real human being, not a never-ending voice message listing the company departments, etc.

If clients have to go through too many steps, and a choice of options that goes on forever, just to speak to you, the chances are good that your business relationship starts off on the wrong foot. Nothing is worth more than the human touch, in my opinion. Plus, it’s an extraordinary way to stand out from the rest.

Over the phone or in person, your first contact at IMS is with Anne-Marie and her warm smile.

Whatever your products and services, there’s always room for warm contacts. Here at IMS, the human touch begins at the reception and continues throughout your customer experience: when you order label, purchase a label printer, data capture equipment or consumables like label rolls and thermal printer ribbons. Give us a try!