Like all users of thermal printers, essential equipment for your company, you read your user manual when you opened and installed the product. And of course you also took into consideration the manufacturer’s recommendation to regularly clean your print head. Of course!

Basically, you should clean you print head each time you change the ribbon. This will prevent printing problems, with barcodes and other applications, and changing the print head too early.

Problems and consequences

Depending on the paper type and other various factors, dust can be deposited on your print head and cause problems like “holes,” which are poorly defined lines or dotted lines.

The accumulation of these deposits is subtle and often invisible to the naked eye. With time, debris is deposited on the print head in successive layers. Slowly but surely, this accumulation degenerates the printing quality and prematurely imposes changing the print head, a valuable part worth several hundred dollars. Make the most of your print head by changing it the same time you change the ribbon.

Cleaning your print head: child’s play

Although it’s recommended to clean the print head with rubbing alcohol, an even easier solution exists which is built into ribbons available at IMS. It’s the Clean Start starter ribbon.

Clean Start is available in several of IMS’s ribbons, namely IIMAK brand ribbons. It collects debris before it accumulates on your print head.

This patented technology has demonstrated its effectiveness and will prevent you from prematurely investing in a new print head. Only six seconds, in two steps, are required for worry-free printing.

Choosing the best ribbon

Ribbons with the Clean Start solution are not more expensive than those of equivalent type and quality. If you now had to choose between two ribbons, one with Clean Start and the other without, which one would it be?

Recommended by the technicians at IMS, ribbons with Clean Start will prevent premature replacement of your thermal print head and thus save your company money.

Join the ranks of those who take good care of their thermal printers by taking good care of your print head. It’s now a simple game of child’s play with the Clean Start starter ribbon. Talk to your IMS representative.