Bottled cleaning products, as I’m sure you’ll agree, are quite… ordinary. They often consist of a clear bottle bearing the product’s logo, a product label and a spray gun with the brand on the bottle cap. Why stop there when a sleeve label can be applied to 100% of the bottle’s surface area to display the brand image, provide product information and avoid counterfeiting?

Brand image and information

Let’s take the example of the American brand, Clorox, which uses the new SmartTube® bottle from DuPont. This bottle is easy to use and allows the use the product down to the very last drop. Clorox estimates that this innovation will save 81,000 gallons of its product annually. To promote its new and innovative bottle, Clorox has gone on the offensive by using a sleeve label which preserves its brand image by using 100% of the bottle’s surface: front, back and sides!

This ingenious technique is not only attractive but also inexpensive.

Cost reduction

Using a sleeve label can also be a strategic and cost-effective choice. Why commit to bottles that bear your logo when generic bottles would be more than enough? Using generic bottles often requires a smaller inventory as they can be ordered on an as-you-go basis and savings are possible thanks to the large number of suppliers able to deliver this type of merchandise.

As for the labels, the cost of sleeves can be equal or inferior to the one of regular labels. Remember that the major advantage of the sleeve label: perfect fit to the container’s shape without losing its shape.


Lastly and with any chemical product type, the product needs to be authentic. It’s harder to counterfeit a sleeved bottle than one with regular labels.

Sexy, cost-effective, safe

In fact, cleaning products can benefit from advances in sleeve labels; from attracting consumers to reducing production costs and adding an entry barrier to counterfeiters. Why wait?