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July 2013 – What you missed

Barcode readers and terminals for warehouse and stock management

Data capture equipment is often designed to respond to specific needs. Here, we’ve come up with a list of barcode readers and terminals made by Motorola, Intermec and Psion, designed for stock and warehouse management in a tough and demanding environment.

The human touch: a faultless approach

With customer-corporation relationships, the human touch should be used right from the start. Customers don’t generally appreciate a machine speaking to them when they call a company. At IMS, we understand that the customer deserves an outstanding experience.

76.4% of recycled content in paper and cardboard packaging

Paper and cardboard packaging products (corrugated board, cardboard boxes and kraft paper) in Canada in 2011 and 2012 by manufacturing plants contained on average 76.4% recycled fibres: an average that continues to grow.

Recovered paper or recycled paper?

In 2009, 66% of paper and cardboard were recovered after use and recycled, meaning that 34% went to landfills. If we consider the fact that it takes 110 tons of recovered paper to be able to recycle 100 tons of paper, then we need to recycle more. But actually…what is the difference between recovered paper and recycled paper?

A company’s social and environmental responsibility

Companies need to take action to maintain harmonious relationships with the collectivity. IMS has drawn up a list of six concrete initiatives for environmental preservation that it’s put in place in-house.

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