The first barcode scan at a point of sale took place at the Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio, on June 26, 1974, with the sale of a pack of Wrigley chewing gum. Ever since, trillions of scans have occurred in the retail sector and all types of places and context for transaction, identification, and tracking.

Modest code, major impact

Today, it’s practically unthinkable to imagine a product, package, supply or any other object manufactured without barcodes. This modest code has a direct impact on the productivity of your company, its customer service and its resource management.

Particularly in the manufacturing and logistics industries, barcode scanning is at the centre of production, inventory and tracking activities. Its scan, combined with databases, responds to important questions, such as:

–      Is there enough merchandise in stock in warehouse X?
–      Did a package arrive at its destination?
–      Is the merchandise in the right truck and headed toward the right destination?
–      Are the barcode’s description and price accurate?
–      Do we have enough production supplies for the week?
–      Who’s working on the production of item X?

An essential tool: the optic scanner

The answers to these questions come from information systems that begin with a scan of the barcode. This is traditionally accompanied by a familiar “beep” and occurs in a variety of conditions and contexts: dusty warehouses, outdoors, refrigerators, production lines, etc. This is why it’s important to choose an appropriate barcode reader.

Data capture: a global solution

However, a barcode reader is only a component that is part of a global data capture solution, composed of optic scanners or cameras, computer equipment, software and databases all organized according to a defined business process.

A data capture solution doesn’t have to be complicated, but it definitely requires consulting and planning. Each solution needs to be adapted to your business processes and to your realities on the field.

With the introduction of smart phones, several solutions based on these devices are starting to appear on the market. These new solutions create new opportunities, but are they adapted to your needs? Are they robust enough?

This is why, before implementing solutions for the management of your stock, tracking, shipping, or any other application using your barcodes, we suggest contacting an advisor at IMS. Our experts are at the cutting edge of industrial developments, test solutions in response to your most demanding needs and are ready to assist you. Benefit from IMS’s expertise for your data acquisition projects and make the right choice the first time.