Consumers are looking for information to guide them in the right direction when it comes to making purchases, and your packaging is the best way to inform them!

It’s proven that a familiar image is more efficient and more quickly recognized over written text. In addition to written information, you’ll benefit from the use of logos by drawing the attention of the consumer’s eye while putting forth qualities about your product.


Identification of allergens

Although it is necessary to follow the Canadian regulation on food allergen labelling, it’s faster to search for a logo than it is to read the list of product ingredients.

For example, a red circle with a bar over a peanut indicates “peanut free” or the symbol of an ear of corn with a bar across it indicates “gluten free”, informing us immediately of important information we need to know about the product. It’s quicker than thoroughly reading a long list of ingredients.


No OGM’s

In addition to allergens, a series of labels in the food industry are used to indicate that they’re made from non-genetically modified ingredients. A variety of these logos has already appeared on product packaging.


The same applies to products resulting from organic farming.  Often, these logos are part of a recognized organization’s certification.



Also important in the consumer’s eye is to know where the product originated. Between two similar items, the consumer will often make the choice of purchasing a local product. For this reason, many production and promotion organizations create logos to identify their products accordingly and disassociate with others.



Add a logo to your product label

Your product can benefit from one or more logos depending on the message you want to provide to your consumers. Make sure you have a source file of the logos you use for best results. You can also contact the company in question for more details.


Don’t hesitate to modify your labels as needed and test them out. By producing your colour labels internally, you can modify them quickly, facilitating your consumer’s decision and encouraging them to purchase your product. And of course, if you need any advice on which materials to use for your labeling needs, don’t hesitate to contact a specialist at IMS.