On Thursday, October 3, industry and pharmaceutical sector professionals attended the
We Can Read It! seminar hosted by IMS and Cognex in order to discover the company’s latest innovations in machine vision technology. Cognex DataMan image-based ID readers, which are known for their reliability, rugged construction and efficiency, have become THE reference in barcode readers, having been adopted even by Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer.

What can Cognex do for your business?

DataMan readers have four star features:

  • Superior ability to capture and read barcodes (99.9% success rate) thanks to powerful Cognex algorithms.
  • In the event of no-reads, the image is stored and analyzed, allowing you to identify the exact reason and make adjustments where necessary.
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to its outstanding construction.
  • Easy to install and configure using Cognex software tools and advanced features such as brightness and focus controls.

DataMan readers can capture 1D and 2D codes at unequalled speeds. The fixed-mount 503 reader, for example, can read up to 120 codes per second as well as capture data from a conveyor belt moving at 3.3 metres/second.

Cognex DataMan readers are the culmination of 30 years of expertise in developing highly specialized vision and ID products. Instead of simply scanning images with a laser, DataMan readers capture and process images to identify and then read codes. Intricate algorithms enable DataMan readers to seize codes that other readers cannot and even damaged, obscured, scratched, curved, omnidirectional and extreme perspective codes can be read with ease. 

DataMan readers have numerous features and accessories that are designed to enhance performance and allow you to create tools that are perfectly adapted to your specific business needs. Liquid lens technology, for example, is an efficient solution in cases where the distance between the reader and the code is variable. This electronically controllable variable focus system acts like the human eye, zeroing in and out on codes as needed to capture data without ever having to make manual adjustments.

DataMan readers also come in a multitude of options in order to adapt to a variety of uses, from handheld for mobile applications, to fixed-mount for plant-based operations. No matter your needs, there’s sure to be a DataMan reader adapted to your business. IMS looks forward to analyzing your various activities in order to find the Cognex product that’s best suited to your needs.

In addition to its high-performance barcode readers, Cognex also offers cutting-edge software solutions to optimize and streamline the use of these tools at your business. We look forward to telling you all about them in an upcoming article by a guest blogger from Cognex!

Thank you to everyone who attended this highly instructive seminar. We invite all participants to share their comments on this or other Cognex-sponsored events.