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September 2013 – What you missed


Beer, wine and QR codes

To make the buying experience of wine or beer even better, a 2-D code or QR code can be a very interesting option. In only a couple seconds, you could have access to great information through your smartphone. A great idea to consider!

An informative logo is worth a thousand words

We all know this: an image is easier to decode than text. Logos are therefore essential on packaging. A good logo saying a lot on a label can really be worth it!

Logistical challenges with same-day delivery

To get an order delivered the same day it was put in is a true challenge. Automation and integration are the keys to success. Having good labels and tracking thanks to barcodes is a must as well.

An application for each ink

Each ink, whether it is made of pigments or dye-based has different qualities. Therefore, the choice of ink has to be made in function of your needs. The choice of paper and glue is also to be considered to find the best labeling solution.

Automation, robotics and barcodes

Identification is more than barcodes. On a big scale, you also need high-performance barcode readers. This way, you can integrate the process, make it automatic and better and be more productive.

A barcode scanning solution goes beyond the barcode reader

Whether it is an inventory management solution, a tracking or a delivery solution or any other application using a barcode, you have to think global before setting it up! The optical reader is important, but it’s the whole system that will make your process successful or not.

Five steps to ensure barcode compliance

A good printer in good condition, well-thought labels and something to check if everything works, this is what you need to make sure your bar codes are well read.