As you may know, there are many types of labels, and many ways to print and apply them.

One of the methods favored at IMS is an efficient and cost-effective method which is the “pressure sensitive” label, or should I say, a label with a pressure-sensitive adhesive.

How does it work?

On this type of label, the glue is already included below the surface. Labels are presented in the form of a roll, glued to a surface treated with silicone. This way, they are easy to separate and all that’s left to do is to paste them with an applicator while applying pressure.


We save time and money since it is not necessary to apply adhesive to the label before you paste it on its support. Here are three benefits of a pressure-sensitive adhesive label:

Larger choice of adhesives

The advantage of a “pressure sensitive” label is that there is a larger choice of adhesives. We can define its needs and choose an adhesive for a removable or permanent label. And in these two categories, there are several possible combinations! They can be removable labels or cold-resistant labels.

In other words, with this method, you can choose the most suitable adhesive to fit your needs.

 A label that integrates into your production automation

When we print your labels with flexography, we deliver them in rolls. These rolls, with sensitive adhesive pressure technology, allows you to facilitate implementation and integration on your assembly line. Just add an applicator in the process and the labeling of your products will be effortless.

In addition, it is a very effective way to label products. As the glue is already on the label, you can reach very compelling application speeds.

 It’s profitable!

Compared to other methods, choosing labels with pressure sensitive adhesive means making a profitable and economic choice. This method is accessible even to the smallest of budgets. Besides being versatile and easy to use, the rendering of these labels is excellent, and this method turns out to be less expensive. As the glue is already on the label, it improves overall productivity (less time to change labels, less time to clean…)

If you want to learn more about these labels, do not hesitate to contact an IMS expert!