We all know, the great challenge of entering data today is mobility. We must be able, in no time, to take the data and share it, send it or disseminate it. A great data entry terminal must be as mobile as it is ergonomic, easy to use and with connectivity features that make it easier for your employees.

Regardless of the environment (warehouse, construction, delivery trucks), your terminal must also be able to enter and send out accurate and safe data wherever it is located. Our range of Motorola terminals work best when it comes to picking up and transmitting data. So as the year comes to an end, Motorola offers a discount that can be interesting to you if you change your terminals and optimise your data entry process.

The Motorola MC65 and MC67 are strong and flexible terminals, adapted to the reality of work in the industry. These terminals are not only compatible with numerous cellular networks, but they are also customizable so that everyone can adapt their use to the company, and the employees. This way, productivity gains are immediate and significant.

In addition, these two terminals capture barcode information by 1D, 2D, RFID and image capture. They are strong as they are flexible.

The best part is, a very interesting discount is being offered on these two terminals. A 15% discount on the manual terminal, a popular and much loved solution, and a 17.5% discount on the Motorola MC67, which incorporates  the concept of the MC65 terminal, but better performing and more solid.

You have until December 31st 2013 to take advantage of the discount on the MC65 terminal and until August 2014 for the MC67.

To learn more about this offer, feel free to contact us!