Printers, Sustainable development

Ink cartridges are part of these products, such as batteries are, and you are never really sure how to discard of them. Is this going into the recycling bin? Did they go into the regular trash?

In companies where the consumption of ink and toner cartridges is more important, the question is all the more valid. And, even though these products are separate and do not go in the recycling bin, they can be recycled! Many specialized companies (or retailers) offer services to recover plastic, and then recycle it.

Indeed, it takes 80% less energy to remanufacture plastic then to produce it. Production remanufactured toners ask for half as much oil as the production of new toners. In other words, recycling and remanufacturing has both economic and environmental benefits.

And if the recovery of inks and toners could, in addition, recycle plastic into plastic, then recycle ink as well? This is what BCM Inks now offers, with PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) Black ink water for flexographic printers, which uses ink residues in toners and inkjet cartridges.

With this innovation, 200 000 inkjet cartridges become a 450 pound PCR Black ink toner rather than end up in a landfill. In addition, this ink does not contain any heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium…) and no pollutants.

So, if the question of the quality of the ink arises, BCM Inks ensures that the rendering is excellent, with excellent resistance to friction, which promotes high impression speeds.

In all cases, the recycling of ink is becoming a viable solution, and this is good news in an industry where sustainable development becomes more and more important.