For the first month of the year, we took our good habits with numerous publications on many topics and innovations.

Of course, it is difficult to read all the articles, to stay informed about what is happening on the web, and to take everything into account. Our goal is to provide you with interesting content which is relevant and informative, and that is why we offer you this summary. We also believe that good content deserves a second chance.


January 2014 – what you missed

IMS: Three time winner of the Gaia 2013 prize

We are very proud of our sleeve labels. These labels really highlight the products of our customers, and that’s really all we want. To receive three Gaia Awards, including two gold medals for these labels, all done with the agencies Cabana Séguin or Orfe, is an accomplishment we take pride in.

Automation: applicator or printer-applicator?

The automation of your labelling can be a very cost-effective solution for you. In this article, you will learn everything about the applicators and printer-applicators, how they work and in what situations they are most suitable.

The easy-to-recycle sleeve; now’s the time!

We often talk about this in our blogs, but we won’t stop when it comes to innovating and finding greener solutions. An easy-to-recycle sleeve is possible and this is our solution!

The bargain of the moment: the Toshiba thermal printers

The thermal printer recovery program by Toshiba is a good way to change your equipment for effective, reliable and robust barcode printers. Also, you can receive up to $ 350 discount!

Can you recycle ink?

Recycle sleeves or recycle paper…yes, but what about ink? Cartridges and toners can be recycled for their plastic, and now, the residue of ink can be reused to make ink for flexographic printing presses.

The QR Code, a code indestructible… or almost!

The QR code proves to be a barcode by all standards! A study has shown that with a smart phone, an ‘abused’ QR code is still readable in the majority of cases. It is a solution that can be profitable and interesting, to help minimize the ‘no-read’ codes, or even eliminate them altogether!