Buying a printer is a significant investment. A label printer will have an influence on your production, your inventory and your procedures.

Above all, you should identify your needs based on your activities, especially if your labels are responsible for ensuring traceability and follow-up during your production process. These are labels for product identification, and you need barcodes on them. In this case, a thermal printer is what you need.

Direct thermal printers are perfect for businesses that have short term label needs, while thermal transfer printers will print more robust barcode labels. You must also take into account your needs in terms of quantity and speed.

Once you have identified your requirements, the choice should be easier, and you will inevitably find the appropriate printer.

If you want to print labels for branding, so that your products attract attention, an inkjet printer will suit your needs. Thanks to new technologies, color label printers can print exceptional labels at impressive speeds.

Several brands offer high-performance printers, with speeds and different resolutions, depending on your needs.

To facilitate this investment choice, we have grouped many printers, thermal and inkjet, of brands that have proven themselves in a buying guide. You will find everything you need to make your decision and select the most appropriate printer. Resolution, printing speed, types of applications, technology, everything is there!

You can download this guide by clicking here!