The FDA announced wanting to change the Nutritional Value labels on food products. While we welcome the willingness to update, after 20 years of dated tags, we must also try to understand the impact of this decision for the food industry. Concretely, this will mean millions of labels to modify, adapt, and re-print.

In its proposal, the FDA estimated a 2 billion dollar cost for U.S. companies to update their labels. These expenditures are mostly unexpected and many companies had surely not intended this type of expense in their budgets.

But you may need to consider this unexpected threat as an opportunity to boost your products` impact and give them a new lease on life. Seeing as duty calls to redo these labels, why not redo them completely and provides your products a second wind with a new design and, a new type of label!

For example, it may be time to move to the shrink sleeve label! A shrink sleeve label offers a 360 degree surface, ideal for increasing the visibility of your brand and be on the shelves of grocery stores. Also, this is a perfect solution to increase the safety of products with the ability to seal through the sleeve. Finally, shrink sleeve labels fit all bottles, even the most daring!

It also may be time to rethink your process of labelling and printing labels and, to assess the benefits of printing in-house with color label printers. An applicator or applicator printer solution should also be considered!

In other words, these changes may look like a threat, but they are also an excellent opportunity for companies to revamp their image with a new label and, to assess which processes can be improved upon!