This year, Coca-Cola made a huge impact in the packaging industry. By adding people’s names on their containers, the brand managed to differentiate its products and create a sense of personalization. The campaign met with major success!

But what does this success mean?  How did a campaign so simple in appearance, turn into such an achievement?



In summary, the success of the campaign was due to an emotional connection created between the product and the consumer. By printing an individual’s name onto the label, a common consumer product became more than just a product. A simple name on the label customizes the product creating familiarity and a link with the consumer. The emotional connection to the brand becomes even stronger, which explains the success of this campaign.

In fact, this success reaffirms the importance and the power of a label. Coca-Cola managed a successful campaign with a slight change on their labels. Labels still form an important part in the purchasing decision. More importantly, a tiny detail or an original idea can make all the difference.

To give a product an even better chance to be seen and to trigger an emotional response, the label is a key element. A product has to stand out and catch the consumer’s eye in the first few seconds of being seen on crowded shelves,

To achieve this, campaigns like Coca-Cola are executed efficiently on a large scale, but not all companies can afford to launch campaigns this big. There are other ways to make your product stand out.

A bottle with a none-traditional shape covered with a shrink sleeve label, which allows a 100% printing surface, is one of the more efficient ways to create this intimacy and emotion and, catch the consumer’s eye.

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