As specialists in the product identification and label industry, we recognise the importance for certifications. A certification is a mark of confidence; a seal which approves and confirms the standard and legitimacy of a product, highlighting its quality and character.

Certification can make the difference when it comes to the choice of a product, but certifications also apply to our industry. There are of course CSA and UL certifications, which ensure standards for quality and safety.

A new certification for quality in the field of flexography appeared a few years ago. “Esko”, a renowned software brand, launched its HD and Full HD certification for flexographic presses. Esko engineers study samples of flexo printed products and attest to their quality with a “high definition” certification. This certification has quickly become an important standard in the  industry, and bears testimony to what is best in flexographic printing and the print industry.

In 2011, the Mark Andy Performance Series printers (including the P7, used at IMS) were the first ever certified flexographic “high definition” presses. Today, the Mark Andy products have obtained the Full HD Flexographic certification. Again, the American brand is the first to achieve this certification.

In other words, all the flexographic presses manufactured by Mark Andy are now certified “high definition” and we at IMS are proud to offer this certified and recognized quality to our customers.