For the past few years now, UL (Underwriters laboratories), the leading agency for certifications and standards in the US, publishes a report on “Product Mindset”, regarding perceptions about products, consumers and their relationship with products, and the manufacturers.

You can read the report by clicking here.

So what can be gleaned from these reports? Well, compared to last year, consumers have developed a greater respect for manufacturers, and notably a greater degree of confidence in their products. Up from 59% in 2011 to 68% in 2013, this increase in consumer confidence is a result of efforts made by the manufacturers to subscribe to more certifications and increase the transparency in the manufacturing process.

It reveals how products are made, revealing the source of raw materials and the manufacturing processes used. This information helps to increase consumer confidence.

Certifications, which are a seal of quality on a product, are good indicators and reinforce this sense of confidence. CSA and UL standards are the most important and recognized agencies in the certification industry.

Ultimately, labels and the identification of products are the visual source for this increase in confidence. A label with a barcode or QR code improves the traceability of a product and informs the consumer, as we mentioned a few days ago.

Labels also carry certification marks which convey this information to the consumer. It’s important to have a well thought out label, which conveys information, and reassures the consumer.

Remember that the quality of the product is probably the single most important element to the consumer, and this UL report just confirms that. So, stack the odds in your favour by convincing consumers with a quality label.