The more surface you have on your labels, the more info you can fit on it. This is why manufacturers of thermal printers now offer solutions to print wide labels.

Ideal for your barcode labels, with dates and a lot of information on them, a label wider than usual could be an interesting way to improve traceability and product identification.

One could think the width of label has only a small impact in the end. But making information more readable and visible or just giving more information can have an important impact on the process. It could actually make things easier and make the whole process smoother, despite the important number of different stages and actions necessary.

In the industries where compliance labels are crucial, an 8-inch wide label can make the difference and help for the inventory and traceability needs.

Of course, such a choice implies having the technology and printers which can deal with these non-traditional formats, and the media going with it.

One of the main qualities of thermal printers actually is their versatility and their capacity to print labels with different sizes while offering great quality.

One of the main manufacturers of thermal printers, DataMax O’Neill just launched a new printer named p1725, tailored for wide labels. This printer can print 7-inch wide labels and, more importantly, will make sure the resolution is optimal for the size of the label, so that the rendering is incredible.

As for other manufacturers, we could list the Zebra 170 Xi4 (6.6 inches), Zebra 220 Xi4 (8,5 inches) and Toshiba B-SX8T (8.4 inches).

No matter the size of the label you need, thermal printers can deliver and print good quality labels with an optimal resolution, in order to preserve the info the best way possible.

This type of printer is perfectly fitted for compliance labels, manufacturers, logistics and health and sales industries.