We sometimes forget that a large percentage of consumers are children! Children have the purest form of buying impulse. It’s not the product itself that attracts them to items on the shelves, but its appearance and visual impact.

In other words, packaging, shape and colors are essential to attracting children’s attention. We all know the magnitude of a child wanting something from the grocery store shelves. A purchase is sometimes required to prevent a scene.

How do you attract children’s attention then? With a shrink sleeve label, for example!

The advantage of this form of labelling is it’s ability to conform to the shape of a bottle or container with a non-traditional shape. Remember that example of the Billy Bee Honey bottle? With its bee bottle shape, the brand saw excellent sales results, thanks to original and compelling packaging.

A sleeve label makes it possible to choose bottles made with children in mind. A small bottle shaped like a ball for instance, will be easy to grab as well as being fun for children.

A shrink sleeve label allows for printing at 360 degrees which offers very interesting graphic possibilities that can catch children’s attention in an instant.

In fact, you get the greatest effect when the two ideas are combined. An original container and a sleeve label makes it possible to recreate characters (again, the Billy Bee bottle) and have products that are easy for children to handle and attractive in shape and design. Success is guaranteed, even if the product itself may not be that attractive.

The success of the product AquaBall is another example. Although it is a simple “enriched” water, it has had remarkable success among children thanks to the round bottle and superhero design.

A shrink sleeve label proves to be an interesting solution to convince children… tantrums at the supermarket aren’t over quite yet!