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Microbreweries and craft beers often stand out by their original labels and packaging, which are amusing and easily distinguishable. These labels emphasize the original, rare and innovative side of these beverages, which are often produced in small quantities and influence customers more and more.

A recent study by Mintel says sales of “craft beers” are expected to be at 20 billion dollars in 2014, which means that sales have doubled in just five years.

The motivation to buy craft beer is logical: beer made by a small producer, often local, which is a change from the usual big brands.

Of course the design and appearance of such products have a vital role in making it stand out. Whether it’s a high color label with bold humor or a shrink sleeve label that covers the entire bottle for maximum impact design, craft beer makes a lasting impression.

Moreover, the study in question confirms this intuition. 13% of consumers say they choose craft beer products that “look cool” when their favorite beer is not available. Another interesting statistic: 8% of craft beer consumers say the design of the packaging or label is important in their purchase decision.

8% may seem small, but when you consider the market and its growth, it’s a high number.

In other words, packaging and labels on cans and craft beer bottles are key to the success of these products. Their influence on consumers and their purchasing decisions should not be overlooked.