As the year comes to an end, it might be a good time to change your label printer! Two of the most famous brands of thermal printers have a trade-in program going on until December 31st. Zebra and Datamax-O’Neil are offering to take your old thermal printer in exchange for a discount on a brand new model.

These trade-in programs are opportunities to evaluate your equipment and processes, and see what can be improved. A label printer has a key role to play in your identification system. Its proper functioning guarantees good printing and, therefore, effective identification (through barcodes, serial numbers or otherwise).

In other words, if your thermal printer isn’t keeping up with your production rate, if it’s not adapted to the conditions in which it is located or if it’s simply getting old, the trade-in program is a great opportunity to upgrade your equipment to either a Zebra or Datamax-O’Neil: fast, efficient, reliable and robust printers.

For the Datamax-O’Neil printer: get up to a $200 rebate when purchasing an E-Class, M-Class, I-Class or H-Class printer. Just send back an equivalent model, in working condition, to enjoy this discount.

For the Zebra printer: get a discount of up to $500 when you replace your Zebra thermal printer (or an equivalent model).

I also recommend downloading our printer buying guide: an ideal tool to help you make the right choice and select the best label printer for your needs!