The packaging industry is full of surprises and, every week, new innovations attract our attention. In recent weeks, two pretty amazing concepts appeared in our news feed: a cardboard bottle for beer and edible coffee cups.

These 2 crazy ideas come from two giants in the food industry: KFC and Carlsberg.


The beer bottle made of cardboard

Say farewell to the can? Bid ‘adieu’ to the glass bottle for your cold beer? That is what Carlsberg is trying to achieve with a completely biodegradable bottle made from sustainable wood fibers. This material is not waterproof and is far from optimal for the product, so, there will be a coating inside that protects from leaks and preserves the quality of the beer.

This implies, of course, to rethink the design and branding: the new bottles will not be transparent and the new bottles will be unbreakable. These bottles are also thought to keep the drink cooler for longer.

Even if it’s only still in the draft stage, it would be a revolution in the alcohol beverage industry.

Edible coffee cups

Your ‘to go’ coffee cup from big chains are mostly made from recyclable paper. KFC pushes the logic even further this year by announcing a new concept in the UK: edible packaging. These cups are made of cookies, coated with sugar and white chocolate. All with the KFC design for a perfect illusion.

The trick lies in the sugar paper: it isolates the cookie part of the cup. More preferably, the cookie in question is designed to warm up when in contact with the hot drink, and it doesn’t stop there! The packaging is even infused with scents made to “improve your mood.”

If this sounds like science fiction, it seems that these cups will be on the market this summer in the UK. We’re pretty excited to have feedback!