We mentioned last March that the beer producer Carlsberg is currently working on revolutionary packaging for its product: a bottle made of wood fiber; fully compostable.

carlsberg4Unlike fiber packaging, which is often a shell around a plastic pouch containing the product, this bottle will have an inner coating to protect the product and make sure it is fully waterproof.

Now we know a little more about the project and motivations behind it. Simon Hoffmeyer Boas, the communications director for Carlsberg, says that 45% of gas sphere effects, issued by Carlsberg, come from the production of packaging, as reported by the website, Greenerpackage.com. So, the new fiber bottle is a logical solution. It requires less energy resources to be produced and above all, it is 100% biodegradable. In other words, it does not pollute

In itself, the bottle will be entirely made of wood fiber (even the closure sceal!), and, it’ll provide printing relief, an interesting detail that will give a real personality to the product. The aesthetic appearance of the Carlsberg bottle, known and recognized by consumers, will be preserved. It will remain the same shape, except that the fiber bottle will not be transparent. This should not be a problem, however, when you consider the positive impact of a full shrink sleeve label!

Finally, in terms of production, Carlsberg is working in order to make this revolutionary bottle fit perfectly (or at least, without major changes) to the production line.

It seems that this decision of Carlsberg’s goes beyond a passing trend, and for the long term, both the company and the designer of this package, ecoXpac, seem to have thought of all the elements that will make this wood fiber product a future iconic bottle for the brand.