“Differentiation” is the key word to remember for your packaging! Marketing departments always find ways to bring forth their product, giving them originality and making them unique.

One of the best ways for brands to create that sense of belonging, this strong relationship between consumers and products is a limited edition. As the name suggests, a limited edition product is on the shelves for a limited time, and offers a little something that makes it different. A new taste? A special formula? A rare and unique packaging? This is what makes for the success of limited editions.

In fact, an American study, done by Instantly, confirms the attraction and affection of consumers towards limited edition items. 20% of Americans are “often” buying limited editions. More importantly, 38% buy it solely for the packaging of this limited edition. This is one of the three most cited reasons when assessing the purchase decision, with seasonal trends and limited editions in favor of a good cause.

The message is clear: make an impression with limited packaging; being creative and unique is a great strategy to differentiate and emphasize your products. A shrink sleeve label is an interesting and adaptive logical solution. A limited edition of a special sleeve label creates a limited edition by minimizing additional expenses and upheaval on production lines. If your product already has this type of label, then a limited edition is an easy solution that will boost your sales and strengthen relationships with your consumers.

Otherwise, producing a limited edition with a shrink sleeve label can be a first step towards the adoption of this effective and aesthetic label, appreciated by consumers,