Innovations do not end in the world of packaging! Research and development budgets are growing and the first results of this research are beginning to appear, as you already know if you follow our blog.

Therefore, discover the PlantBottle, presented at the World Expo in Milan this year. Developed by Virent in the US, this bottle intends to push the limits of sustainable development: a 100% recyclable bottle made entirely of renewable raw material…plants!

This bottle is the result of a commission of Coca-Cola, which continues to develop research for greener packaging. How does the PlantBottle work? It is based on the conversion of natural sugars found in plants and necessary ingredients to make plastic PET bottles. There is no difference with the traditional PET bottle (made from fossil energy), besides the environmental impact of the bottle.

Indeed, by using a renewable material such as plants, this package will weigh less on the environment since it does not use oil, a finite and polluting resource.

This bottle is not yet used, but according to Virent, it is ready for commercial use. Since 2009, Coca-Cola has been using a version of this PlantBottle composed of 30% plant material. By distributing 35 million of such bottles, studies show that a decrease of carbon dioxide is being produced, about 315 000 metric tons less of it! Just imagine the positive environmental impact of a 100% herbal bottle!