Three big names in the world of labeling and hair care products just formed an alliance with one purpose: make greener pressure-sensitive (PLA) labels.

The OGX products created by Vogue International, WS Packaging Group, Inc. and Avery Dennison, are working together to make greener labels, as they’re aware that teamwork will prove undoubtedly more effective than isolated efforts. This collaboration makes it possible to work within several steps of the production chain, be it the design of the label, the choice of materials, the printing or, the application.

The innovation  here is a methodology developed by Avery Dennison: Avery Dennison GreenprintTM. With this tool taking into account the life cycle of a product and mainly used to evaluate environmental performance, the alliance could take better decisions. Since 2010, this tool takes into account the product as a whole: from production to recycling, and proved to be really helpful.

For the OGX brand, this led to the conclusion of using thinner label materials to reduce environmental impact, including using a film that will reduce the use of water, energy, fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gases and therefore, waste in general.

Taking the life cycle of a product into account allows one to focus on all aspects that may make it more durable. This may result in the choice of a thin film, as in this example, but it can also mean choosing a product that is easier to recycle, a method that facilitates the separation between packaging and label, a label made of recycled paper or, compostable plastic, made of durable material.

This alliance is beneficial for the brand image as well as for the production lines, and therefore, the impact on the shelves. Even in terms of sustainable development, unity is strength!