clear packaging

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Have you bought nuts lately? Raw, roasted, flavoured and mixed nuts are a very popular nutritional snack enjoying constant growth. Sales of the 10 leading U.S. snack nuts brands in 2015 totaled more than 4,6B$. It’s big business and growing at an annual rate of 2% in North America and even faster around the world.

It is a widely accepted fact that clear packaging is a strong sales driver in the food industry. Consumers take their decision to buy products 40% faster when faced with clear packaging and buy it 4 times more often in comparison to cardboard box packaging.

Nuts brands want consumers’ attention to their products on the shelves. No wonder that in recent years, they’ve been investing seriously in upgrading their packaging, branding and design as well as getting greener, such as by using plastic instead of glass jars.

Flexible packaging, clamshells and jars can offer clear real estate to show the product. Well-designed labels and shrink sleeves for high shelf impact are key to differentiate products on the shelves and provide associated benefits, such as lighter product weight.

One reference example is Planter’s:

“In October 2011, Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts began quietly making their way onto retail shelves in a new, BPA-free, 100% recyclable PET jar. The company said the new jar has 84% less packaging material (by weight) than the former glass jar, and the change from glass to plastic will reduce the number of trucks needed to transport the product by 25%. On its website, Planters noted that between the packaging material change and other efforts, the company has saved 5.6 million pounds of packaging and shipping materials.”

So this makes the point “clear”. Innovations in packaging, be it flexible, jars or clamshells, combined with creative and well though-out labelling and shrink sleeves, serve the nuts business well and get consumers snacking healthy and greener.

Happy packaging!