Applications, Labels, Shrink Sleeves

You don’t often get a second chance to successfully launch a new product on the market. Besides a great packaging, label or shrink sleeve design, promotion is key. Advertising, contests, coupons, instant rebates and prizes are also part of the tools you have in hand to promote your product in its launch phase and at other moments.

Different types of promotions

Promotion is a must. But that doesn’t mean it has to impede on your brand experience. Just keep it simple and follow best practices for successful packaging while adding your promotion to it.

One simple way to get consumers to participate in your promotion is the use of a peel-off label or peel-back shrink sleeve. This solution is an interesting one, as it doesn’t change much of the original product design. Adding a promotional label on a product is a punchy call-out of its own, when done right.

Peel-back and peel-off is playful and instantaneous. Some offer instant rebate at purchase. For example 0,50$ off when the underlying barcode is scanned.


The secret for peel-off labels lies in the use of appropriate glue and sticky surface. You can get creative as you don’t have to peel off the entire surface of the label to reveal its message.

Bring it online

Besides text information such as “You win xyz” or a barcode, you could invite the consumer to go online and type in a code on your corporate or product website. This method opens the possibility of growing a community of followers for your brand and products and eventually, a list of consumers to whom you can promote your next innovation, provided they give you their email.

Such methods allow you to take advantage of mobile phones with QR Code reading apps and posting pictures on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Use a Shrink Sleeve

Another option is to sleeve your product. As described in a previous blog post, you can take advantage or the sleeve’s front and reverse sides to print promotional information such as a drink recipe, a code or whatever appropriate in the context of your promotion.

It’s the perfect moment to design a very attractive and bold packaging that will pull consumers’ attention in to your product and associated limited time promotion.



Before you promo

We hope this post has sparked some ideas for your next promotion. We invite you to reach out to us in the creative process phase as we certainly have some ideas that may prove quite useful for your next product promotion using labels and sleeves.