While walking around the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood, I stopped at the Marché Maisonneuve, one of 4 large public markets in Montreal, and specifically at the Bièrologue, in hopes of finding some products to share with the guests I was hosting that evening.


Beautiful flexo labels

I was pleased to get great advice from the staff and enjoy the beautiful labels produced with flexography for local micro-breweries, which I’d like to present!



A refreshing beer for any occasion, Broken 7 has a vintage design that is reminiscent of Expos baseball and outdoor picnics. It’s traditional “bowling pin” look is a perfect fit with its red or green theme, to distinguish the blond namesake beer from the IPA.







On another note, here are 2 products from the microbrewery, The Bockale: L’idyllique, an exotic white foamy beer with tropical scents and, the chromatic opposite, La Charnelle, a sweet stout with chocolate, caramel and coffee flavors. This flavor producer offers its products with detailed designs, the quality of flexographic printing generating wonders. If you have one in hand, pay attention to the finesse of its framework.





Another pleasure, for both the palate and the eyes, are the Hickson and Charles-Henri by Brasserie Les 2 Frères.


These beers were recommended to me for my next BBQ. Burgers are their best friends! Strong, regular, blond or amber beers, these brews are in my shopping basket tonight (to share with others, of course!).

Admittedly, the label attracts what flexography has to offer. On different paper, for large or small quantities, it is possible to add a metalic touch to create a strong and sophisticated effect. These beers certainly benefit from this metallic effect; they shine on the shelf.


Coming soon: craft alcohol on grocery and convenience store shelves

Speaking of local products, expect to see a new section for alcoholic products from Quebec in your grocery  and local convenience stores. Following the recent adoption of a bill enabling the availability of products made by craft alcohol producers in Quebec, by this coming autumn, you will be able to rush the shelves for tasty new discoveries.

Great visits

This will certainly not be my last summer visit to this wonderful shop, specialized in local beers to compliment my dinner parties. Do the same, and try a fancyful trip to the public markets in your area and visit local businesses  specialized in local producers’ offerings.