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You rarely see an entirely new product category appear on the market. This one is currently available in various US states. It’s a product used for both for recreational and medicinal purposes, rather than nutritional. It’s marijuana.

New products and creative designs

This new product and its various “benefits” comes under the guise of many different types of baked goods, beverages, infusions, chewing gum, cigarettes, sprays, creams, ointments and other items.

Marijuana products are a godsend for designers and design companies servicing of hundreds or even thousands of emerging companies in this field. There is no lack of work to be had: the branding, packaging and labeling of thousands of products need to get done.

Here then are some creative packaging examples from the USA, using labeling and sleeves.



Cana Cola is a medicinal drink available through authorized dispensaries. Cana offers 5 flavors, with a sleeve design that brings out the lively colors and fine graphic details.



In a calmer category, here are some medical cannabis infusions similar to your Chamomile herbal tea (yet so different!). They come in metal canisters with a high-quality, serious looking design and self-adhesive labels.


Baked goods


On the baked goods side, medicinal cookies with fixed doses are “prescribed” for users with a sweet tooth. Note that the use of food grade packaging with adhesive labels is appropriate. Cookies are still cookies…






Another major trend in this new industry is the use of flexible packaging, with or without self-adhesive labels. Notice the use of a transparent area. For dried goods, such as nuts, flour or grains, flexible packaging with a window on the product is more efficient in terms of sales, compared to a product with no window on its packaging.


Labeling best practices

IMS_Marijuana_packaging_best_practicesFor common food products, this industry offers best labeling practices. Here’s an example (please excuse the language):


As you can see, marijuana products use the same packaging solutions as food products. This new space is an opportunity for designers to unleash their creativity to design complex brand images, or create something tailor made.

The industry has also made efforts to clarify the display of important information to consumers. Standards have emerged. It’s important to be aware of them and to be on the lookout for developments in the sector.

Finally, consumers will always be consumers. It is important to offer them an attractive, quality product with clear information about its contents and components. The only thing that’s really different here is that the product is a little more, shall we say, “controversial”?

We hope this blog inspires you to further explore your current packaging. We sincerely hope we can be of help along the way. Please let us know