The shift in demographics towards the millennial generation is making health and the environment key positioning factors that have to stand out on your packaging.


Here is a graph from Statistics Canada that spells out pretty clearly how the millennial generation will continue to hold the most buying power.

Is your packaging talking about


And, according to an U.S. survey by Ecofocus,

  • 73% of millennials say they try to buy products in packaging that is recyclable
  • 69% say they have changed what they buy to avoid artificial ingredients
  • 78% of them say better personal health is a big benefit of an eco-friendly lifestyle


Health and the environment: first be compliant

It’s clear that now more than ever, your packaging has to reflect positively on health and the environment. So, where to start? First thing’s first. Make sure you are compliant with Government and industry rules and regulations. This means not only making sure your packaging process is compliant but that the finished product can hold up to Canadian Food Inspection Agency examination. This can include assessment of

  • The accuracy of illustrative representations of your product on your packaging
  • Declarations about simulated or artificial flavors that have been added to your product (this declaration is mandatory)
  • Use of the Heart symbol and heart health claims

Find out more by visiting Inspection Canada.

Other features on your product that can be represented by a logo and affect how your product is perceived by the customer include

  • Certification marks, such as cUL, UL and CSA.
  • Canadian Organic standards. These are CAN/CGSB 32.310 and CAN/CGSB 32.311
  • Fair Trade certification
  • Marine Stewardship Council certification


In terms of the environment, an indication of recyclability of at least some part of your product and packaging is now a must. This feature is desired not only by millennials (who desire it most) but also by Generation Xers and Baby Boomers.

You can find a good overview of the main logos and certification marks at the Canadian Office of Consumer Affairs

In part 2 of this blog post, we’ll talk about branding and visual impact.

Extensive packaging and labeling experience

IMS has extensive experience in creating and applying certified labels, recycling marks and other health and environment identifications to many different types of products.

If you are looking to optimize your packaging for the long run, we’re here to help. We’re identification experts.