Food packaging isn’t only to protect products. It also has to be visually attractive, useful and well thought out for the consumer. Packaging is important in everyday life to protect our food from the external environment and particularly to inform consumers about the product. Have a look at our two latest posts on the visual impact of packaging and its functions. In this post we’ll precisely define what connected packaging is and what benefits it can bring to our consumer society.

Connected or intelligent packaging: definition

In this 4.0 era, today’s packaging must meet the latest expectations of hyper-connected consumers, and consequently, become digitalized.

Connected packaging’s objective is to create an interaction with the consumer by communicating via mobiles/tablets to offer product information.

In general, the connection is made possible thanks to a QR code directly on the label which can be read with apps. Hashtags or bluetooth kits can also be used as points of connection. In the next few years, many other innovations will emerge.

What are the benefits for brands?

Connected packaging is a good opportunity for companies to innovate. The internet of things (IoT) has no limit and will generate great competitive advantages over the medium term.

This new technology, will allow companies to acquire new connected customers, eager to obtain clear information about the product. Consumers are fond of novelty and want more convenience in their everyday products.

What’s happening on the consumer side?

More than ever, the consumer wants transparency about products purchased. Using features such as visual recognition and scans via QR code, packaging can be analyzed and communicate information such as:

  • The list of ingredients
  • The presence of allergenic ingredients
  • Origin of ingredients / products
  • Expiry date

But, information can also be more lifestyle-oriented for example, it can: propose recipes, discover a brand history, offer discounts…

To celebrate St Pactrick’s Day, Jameson, the Irish whiskey brand, developed a bottle with a connected label! Customers got the opportunity to discover the whole history of the brand in an original way.

Jameson connected packaging

Finally, eco-minded consumers will be happy to learn that connected packaging could have a significant impact on reducing waste. With this new trend, companies can acquire new market share and new customers. For example, consumers could scan a code to know the product’s freshness. Even now, some labels change color as the product approaches its expiration date.

Get with the trend!

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